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The Pentagon's Counterspace Doctrine

www.globalresearch.ca    10 October 2004

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In August 2004, the US Air Force released a comprehensive document entitled Counterspace Operations . While mentioning the defensive features of this doctrine, Counterspace Operations are presented as part of the "War on Terrorism". According to official statements, sophisticated space weapons are to be used against "rogue states" and terrorist organizations.

What we are dealing with is a Blueprint for Global Domination as defined by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

We reproduce below the Forward of the Report entitled Counterspace Operations.  Click to read the full report in pdf

The Doctrine is part of the budgetary process. The Department of Defense Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2005 (FY 05) is said to  contain "substantial funding in the fields of space control and space force projection, including anti-ballistic missile systems and conventional strike from space," Also see the report by Jeffrey Lewis


Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 10 October 2004.



Counterspace operations are critical to success in modern warfare. The rapid maturation of space capabilities and the evolution of contingency operations have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of air and space power. Combatant commanders leverage space capabilities such as communication; position, navigation, and timing; missile warning; environmental sensing; and reconnaissance to maintain a combat advantage over our adversaries. As demonstrated by the Iraqi deployment of global positioning system (GPS) jammers during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, adversaries will target space capabilities in an attempt to deny that combat advantage. We must also be prepared to deprive an adversary of the benefits of space capabilities when American interests and lives are at stake. Space superiority ensures the freedom to operate in the space medium while denying the same to an adversary and, like air superiority, cannot be taken for granted. The development of offensive counterspace capabilities provides combatant commanders with new tools for counterspace operations. Air Force doctrine, likewise, is evolving to reflect technical and operational innovations. Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2-2.1, the Air Force’s first doctrine publication on counterspace operations, provides operational guidance in the use of air and space power to ensure space superiority.

Space superiority is gained and maintained through counterspace operations which is one of the Air Force’s air and space power functions. Counterspace operations have defensive and offensive elements, both of which depend on robust space situation awareness. These operations may be utilized throughout the spectrum of conflict and may achieve a variety of effects from temporary denial to complete destruction of the adversary's space capability. This publication codifies United States Air Force (USAF) beliefs and practices on the use of counterspace operations in planning and executing military operations. It is useful to the tactician, operational-level planner, and strategist in formulating and carrying out an effective plan for defending United States (US) access to space and denying hostile exploitation of that medium.




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