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Elections and Sovereignty in Brazil

by D. Demétrio Valentini

Movimento sin Terra (MST),  21 June  2002.
Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG),  globalresearch.ca ,  9  July  2002

Global Outlook , Issue No 2   9-11: Foreknowledge or Deception? Stop the Nuclear Threat. Now available (for details click here) .

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Even in the middle of the World Cup, it is impossible for George Soros’ statements about Brazil’s situation before the October presidential elections go unnoticed.

He declared, simply, that the world financial system has already chosen Brazil’s future president. And it has to be their chosen one if the county wants to avoid chaos. Without any ceremony or constraint, he explained, “in global capitalism, only Americans vote, Brazilians do not vote.” He justified his statement by saying that the Roman Empire was also that way, clarifying that “in Ancient Rome, only the Romans voted,” the territories did not vote.

Thus, according to this illustrious “mega-investor” or “mega-speculator,” a typical representative of the new empire of the powerful that get rich reaping fabulous profits from the financial crisis of countries strangled by debt, we will not have anything to do in October. The Brazilian elections will not be valid, they will not change anything, the only justification they have will be to ratify a decision already made by the lords of the empire, and carry out the slave’s ritual of Roman times, of giving tribute. We know, for example, that those condemned to death had to pass in front of Cesar, and reverently prostrate themselves before him, in a macabre ritual that contained the famous expression: “Ave, Caesar, morituri te slutant.” It would lack electoral justice to demand the voters bear this phrase like a sign, even in Latin, or in the translation adapted to the circumstances: “Hail Bush, those that are going to die salute you!”

George Soros’ declarations would not even deserve to be cited if they were confined to what they cannot help but be: an over-bearing expression of arrogance by one who thinks that money buys everything, even the dignity of people and the sovereignty of nations.

But it happens that Soros is not alone. He is the expression of a system that has the appearance of neutrality and that justifies itself as the fruit of an irreversible economic reality, defending for itself a deterministic logic above human liberty.

But in truth, it is a result of very well plotted schemes that smoothed the way for financial capital to enjoy protection in order to operate securely and freely, removing all the articles of legal framework arduously constructed by modern democracies to protect workers and defend human rights. The speculators think that money is the only important thing and they advocate for a free global playground in which to profit at will, even though they sacrifice national sovereignty for it, as Soros proposed for Brazil.

At present, the matter is very serious. It demands a ranking of the candidates. National dignity urges that we vote for candidates that are ours, not for candidates chosen by the Americans or other speculators. A candidate elected by the vote of international speculators will not have any legitimacy with which to govern Brazil.

The matter also demands a position from the actual government, as national sovereignty cannot be compromised by any financial dependence. Just as you do not sell your soul to the devil in order to do a transaction, you do not cede the sovereignty of a country for financial motives.

The elections will happen and we want them to count. Watchfulness is indispensable. More than ever, the Cry of the Excluded, planned for the Week of Patriotism, will be opportune with the providential slogan already chosen: Sovereignty is not negotiable. Not one “Soros” speculator (or “soros caseiros”) has the right to impose on us any candidate, whoever he may be.

D. Demétrio Valentine is a Bishop in Jales, São Paolo, Copyright © D. Demétrio Valentine  2002. For fair use only

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Global Outlook , Issue No 2   9-11: Foreknowledge or Deception? Stop the Nuclear Threat. Now available (for details click here) .

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