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VIDEO. Political satyre: How Mexicans view George W. Bush (hillarious)
Hillarious Anti-war Satyre (Video): We Are the World, We are the People
Political Humor: BLAIR-BUSH LOVE AFFAIR " There's only you in my life" (Video)
Bush is No Nazi!! Political Satyre by Take back the Media 
VIDEO: Satyre Watch the Bus" and Tony Blair !
"BOOM" Video on Worldwide Antiwar Protests, by Michael Moore, CLICK Real Video ; QuickTime ; Media Player
Learn the Truth on 9/11: Where have the WTC Towers gone?

Audio-Photo Montage: "All that it needed for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing," Eric Blumrich (macromedia 2.3Meg)

Michael Moore: Academy Award for best documentary "Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush!" Video & transcript
See also Mike's letter to G.W.Bush.
Video of Michael Moore's Press Conference
Political humor: A Fictitious Conversation between the "Fictitious President" and his Staff , Ian Woods


VIDEO: The Rigging of the 2000 US Presidential Elections featuring Greg Palast, incisive, analytical and fun to watch
View GNN Video  featuring

Michel  Chossudovsky & Michael C.  Ruppert

AUDIO: Bush's Grotesque Lies: US supports Islamic Terrorism, Michel Chossudovsky with  Kellia Ramares (KPFA)
Video Interviews: London anti-war rally on 15 February 2003
Human Shield, Video interview with Ken O'Keefe
AUDIO: War and the Criminalisation of the State, Michel  Chossudovsky with KPFA's Bonnie Faulkner
VIDEOSusan Sarandon, We are here to take Democracy back , Speech at Antiwar Rally, Washington DC
VIDEO:   Ramsey Clark, Regime Change begins at home , Speech at Antiwar Rally, Washington DC
VIDEO: "Canada says No to War on Iraq"
VIDEO: "Iraq has been disarmed" featuring  former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter  
AUDIO: Francis A Boyle calls for the   impeachment of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Ashcroft. Audio Interview with Kellia Ramares
VIDEO:  "The Truth behind 9/11" featuring Michel Chossudovsky , at the People's G6B Summit in Calgary, June 2002
VIDEO: targeting civilians in  'war on terrorism': Infrared video shows US AC-130 gunship in Afghanistan, Military.com