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The Shady World of the Bildeberg:

Time To Forget About Figureheads

by Paul Joseph Watson

www.propgandamatrix.com , 7 May 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca   7 May 2003

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This month marks the 49th annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group, a semi-secret organisation that, according to a 2001 Reuters report, groomed both Bill Clinton and Tony Blair before they became world leaders. Leaked reports from last year’s meeting stated that the war in Iraq had been delayed until March 2003 at a time when everyone was expecting the attack to be launched that summer.

Count up the amount of independent citizens who have attempted to snoop or protest at a Bilderberg meeting since 1954 and they will be heavily outnumbered by any one of this year’s anti-war protests. A few weeks ago I was talking to a left-winger who had attended several of these anti-war marches. I was trying to explain to her that George Bush was just a figurehead and if we are to make any visible difference then we need to focus on the real powerbrokers. She responded by saying, ‘you’re probably right, but it’s fun to make jokes about George Bush’. From that throwaway dismissal we can understand the failings of the left. They pose no threat to the New World Order because they are largely uninformed, attract little credibility by their own behaviour (public sick protests for example), and are obsessed by trying to bring down paper tigers that the establishment deliberately distract them with. Myopic liberals are better off staying at home because they don’t realize that it takes intelligence and not sheer numbers to activate political power.

People in the freedom movement always complain about how little mainstream coverage Bilderberg receives. Fair enough, we know the big news outlets are controlled and will never report on Bilderberg (by order of David Rockefeller). But what about the mid-level and local media? They are largely only interested in stories that sell newspapers or attract viewers. If you make it into a story then they will pick it up. Last year’s conference in Chantilly Virginia represented a great opportunity to organize a substantial protest on U.S. soil but the chance was wasted. Getting information from this month’s Paris conference will again be solely down to Jim Tucker. Tucker isn’t going to be around forever.

You need to form small grassroots organizations, put websites up, collect donations and be able to arrange trips at short notice to cover these annual meetings. At the very least, bombard the desk of your local paper’s political editor with E Mails, faxes and phone calls. Hundreds of global leaders in all sectors of society meeting in secret and you have the exclusive story? Sounds like a scoop that a real journalist wouldn’t dare turn down.

In a broader sense it is time to shift our approach to fighting the Globalists. Of course we need to continue educating those who are new to this information and repetition is always necessary. But instead of persevering with morons who will never wake up we need to petition the media more than ever, not with hot air and conspiracy theories but with hard facts and documented evidence. The left represents a sleeping giant. To awaken the giant we need to discourage liberals from their incessant obsession with corporate crime and good old boy corruption ­ this is not the head of the beast. Groups like Bilderberg represent the head of the beast.

Linked below are contact details for a list of mainly left-wing media activist groups. Ask them if they’ll be highlighting the complete lack of mainstream media Bilderberg coverage this year.

Media Activism Groups - http://www.fair.org/affiliates.html

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