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Twenty-Six Top 9/11 Anomalies

by Ian Woods

www.globalresearch.ca 2 April 2004

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Do you think the Bush administration was telling the truth about 9/11?

If so, how do you explain the following anomalies?


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01. Bush’s Puzzling Reaction - Why did Bush just sit there in the 2nd grade classroom reading for 25 minutes?

02. No Immediate Jet Scramble - Why was Flight 77 not intercepted after 1 hr 45 min of flying off course?

03. Collapse of the Twin Towers - Could this be the first time ever that a steel skyscraper has collapsed due to fire?

04. Collapse of the Twin Towers - How can the ‘Pancake Theory’ account for lower floors resistance at 10.4 seconds?

05. Collapse of the Twin Towers - Why does the thermal data indicate ‘hot spots’ weeks after their collapse?

06. Mysterious Collapse of Building 7 - Why did Building 7 come down if no airplane hit it, nor any debris fell on it?

07. Attack on the Pentagon - Flight 77 - Why was there so little damage done and such a small amount of debris?

08. Attack on the Pentagon - Flight 77 - Why has the Pentagon only released 5 frames out of all the video tapes?

09. Flight 93 Crashed in Pennsylvania - Why was crash debris so small and spread out over a 5 mile swath?


10. Intelligence Warnings - Why did Bush ignore an unprecedented # of intelligence warnings 3 months prior to 9/11?

11. Intelligence Warnings - Why did the FBI & CIA ignore Agents C. Rowley, Kenneth Williams & Robert Wright?

12. Precedents - the 1993 WTC Car Bombing - Why did the FBI Agent John Anticev pay Edam Salem $1.5M?

13. 9/11 and the War Agenda - What is the Project for a New American Century? (www.newamericancentury.org)

14. History of War-triggering Deceptions - Why was Bush Sr. not incarcerated for the 1991 Incubator Baby Scam?

15. History of War-triggering Deceptions - Why did FDR knowingly let the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor (1941)?

16. History of War-triggering Deceptions - Has the military been planning another Operation Northwoods (1962)?

17. Al Qaeda and the Intelligence Ploy - Why didn’t CIA arrest bin Laden in Dubai (July) & Rawalpindi (Sep 10)?

18. Al Qaeda and the Intelligence Ploy - Why was the 9/11 Money Man (Gen. Mahmoud) visiting DC on Sep 4-13?

19. Al Qaeda and the Intelligence Ploy - Why was J. Michael Springmann issuing US visas to Saudi terrorists?

20. Al Qaeda and the Intelligence Ploy - Why did Pakistan’s ISI air-lift Al Qaeda to safety Nov 2001 - Jan 02?

21. The Bush and Bin Laden Family Ties - Why was Bush Sr. meeting bin Laden’s brother at the Ritz on 9/11?


22. Manufacturing Terror - How did anthrax produced at an American weapon’s lab end up on T. Daschle’s desk?

23. Installing a Police State - Why would they pass the PATRIOT Act before everyone had a chance to read it?

24. The Coverup - Why was key evidence for the WTC site and Pentagon destroyed by the US Government?

25. Investigative Commissions - Why did it take 411 days to form the 9/11 Commission when others took 7 days?

26. The Motives - Profits of Death: Financial Scams - Why was there 1200% more ‘puts’ on UA & AA on 9/11?


Ian Woods is Publisher/Editor of Global OutlookTM, He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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