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The American blitzkrieg of Lies

by Xymphora

Xymphora, 10 February /février 2003.
www.globalresearch.ca   11 February /février 2003

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The American blitzkrieg of lies about the purpose of the war against Iraq has people making assumptions which are entirely false.

The Bush Administration, in both the relentlessness of its propaganda and its absolute control over the American media, has managed to completely define the terms of the debate on Iraq so that even opponents of the war end up using Bush-speak.

Saddam has been defeated now for twelve years. Despite herculean efforts, no one has found any evidence of his having any weapons of mass destruction, and if he did, war is not the only way to resolve the situation. Why, after twelve quiet years, with the Anglo-American bombs constantly, and almost secretly (well hidden by the disgusting American media), falling on Iraq, has this issue now become so important to the American government?

We know the reason. Well before September 11, in fact even before Bush was selected President, a group of very evil men, many of whom now form the Bush junta, decided that there were many good reasons concerning the American hegemony over the earth and its resources for the United States to take over Iraq (see their 1998 letter to Clinton and the Project for the New American Century Statement of Principles; see also the the September 2000 report by the Project for the New American Century, now enshrined as official U.S. policy in the National Security Strategy, and based on the 1992 draft Defense Planning Guidance written under the supervision of Paul Wolfowitz for then-Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, all arguing for the creation of total American dominance over the world, the first step of which turns out to be the capture of Iraq; also consider the "Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century" report, which clearly regarded Saddam as an impediment to U. S. access to Iraqi oil but only politely skirts the issue of how to deal with him).

You can start to see why is was so utterly important for them to steal the Presidency (and why anyone who isn't a conspiracy theorist is just stupid). All they needed was an excuse.

September 11 and the subsequent manufactured war on terror have provided this excuse (note that within hours of the attack, Rumsfeld was looking for ways to base an attack on Iraq on the excuse of the September 11 attack). All this talk of reasons for the war is simply balderdash.

The war to steal Iraq's oil has absolutely nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction, al-Qaeda, or the war on terrorism (in fact, the Bush Administration knows that this unprovoked attack on a Muslim country will only cause more terrorism).

The Americans have left a huge trail of policy statements which make it perfectly clear that the Powell performance was just a charade (an excellent summary of the entire real American plan is in this must read article, particularly this page; also more references to the problem of maintaining U. S. dollar hegemony, an issue I recently referred to, on this page).

Obviously, Powell couldn't go before the United Nations and state the truth - that the United States wants to take over Iraq to control its oil, to control the entire Middle East, and to demonstrate that it has no moral qualms about using its military might to establish its hegemony over the world and all its resources.

Unfortunately, the war on Serbia left some 'progressives' with the idea that war could be used for good purposes, e. g., to remove a bad regime and replace it with a good one (that war also established the disturbing precedent that a sovereign nation could be invaded even if it posed no danger to any other country). The utter failures of this idea in Serbia/Kosovo and Afghanistan have done nothing to convince these people that the use of war for such fine political purposes will always be a failure (not to mention the obscenity that a massive bombardment called 'shock and awe' is going to precede the supposed salvation, a sort of 'destroy the village to save the village' scenario for the 21st century).

In fact, with the religious/ethnic hatreds in Iraq, the aftermath of the war promises to be even more bloody than the war itself (and I guarantee that the Americans will do no more to help the situation than is needed to secure the oil fields).

I find it depressing that people who I used to think of as intelligent are prepared to even consider the various lies as possible justifications for this dirty war. posted 1:33 AM

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